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I knew you from the other side as baby brand Lēmono. I was looking for visibilty and scaling my sales and Ankorstore offer me the best experience to share my story and connect with concept stores. 
Then I discovered the "inside", your people and values and realised we were meant to meet ...


I'm Marine, I'm a 30 YO french Girl living in Barcelona for 3years.

With over 6 years working in successful companies, I've learned a lot about E-commerce, from the very operational to the more strategic 

I built projects for l'Occitane en Provence, Veepee and for my own fashion brand; 

Serial Intra &Entre-preneur, I always keep an eyes for the P&L and how to optimize efforts. 


I lived in 4 countries, I've been modelling for Victoria Secret and everyday I try to be more engaged to save of our planet
 (One of this 3 information is false ... the story is not telling which one) 

I'm now looking for an exciting new project that fit my values and ambitions; in a company that end the status quo

I hope stars align and my profile can match what you are currently looking for to grow your team here




Project Manager -Private Label - 01/2019- 08/2020- Barcelona 

Veepee is selling 2 Kid's Brands ( as private Label), only on its own platforms. These brands are #1 in GMGN for the group and brought 4,5M€ in 2019

🎯Our Goal ? Increase sales by launching brands on the "full-price" market

👉 Manage budget, transversal teams and P&L
👉Sourcing 14 providers : Customer service, Logistic, Payment, Branding, Integrator ...
👉 Launch 2 websites & connect it with Marketplaces 
👉Branding : Storytelling and IG strategy (@lolapalacioskids)
👉 All logistic / Product Information & Financial flow created from scratch

Marketing to Brand - Acquisition Manager - 06/2017- 01/2019- Mexico City 

The best customer acquisition strategy for Veepee ? The best brands, with the best products at the best price.

🎯Goal ?
Build the action plan to grow & retain the Key Accounts 

🚀 Missions :
👉Create marketing pitch to show Veepee added value. Create marketing studies for our bests brands
👉Negociate campaign's conditions with sales team / Brands
👉 Hire the team : 2 Analysts & 1 Creative
👉Sourcing partnerships to reach higher impact 

After one year on this position, I've also been in charge of the " Tropicalization" of the acquisition strategy for Mexico 

👉Responsible for the budget & Reporting to headquarter 


E-COMMERCE & CRM MANAGER - 04/2016- 06/2017- Mexico City 

L'Occitane en Provence Mexico want to ride the E-commerce wave that is just coming in Mexico 

🎯 Goal ?
Increase sales with actual tools and prepare the future thanks to a "scalable" model 

🚀 Missions
👉Project Management : Establish the new logistic flow 
👉CRM : Migration to sales force for CRM tools, training for the workforce, BTL/ATL promotion plan
👉E-commerce : Migration to the new platform & update with new products.

Responsible for sales . Management 1 analyst 


FOUNDER - SIDE PROJECT- August 2020-2021 Barcelona/Marseille 

 Petite (1m49) and skinny, it's hard for me to find good clothes in traditional shops. Very sensitive to the high waste level in fashion due to size and season, I've decided to create another way to see fashion.  

🎯 Goal ?
Give to all women,  the opportunity to wear a "wow effect" outfit.

Lēmono came from the mix of French " Le" and "mono", witch mean jumpsuit in Spanish. It's an elegant kimono-jumpsuit that fit all bodies from 30 au 50. 
Our values are body positivity and sustainability ♻️

👉Manufacturing : Sustainable sourcing♻️ - Product development 
👉Ventes : Website creation (no code) - BtoB 
👉Marketing : AD, Branding, Storytelling, IG(:@lemonobrand) , FB , Ads
👉Logistic : Logistic flow created from scratch with an external warehouse in BCN, Customer service 

Launch on crowdfunding platform on November 2020 : 305% of initial goal reached 



pssssst : need a more classic model ? CLICK HERE 

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